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Starting in 2016, Donato Kennels has been among some of the most respected breeders of Cane Corso and French bulldog puppies along the West Coast, located in Southern California. 

When looking for a Cane Corso or French Bulldog puppies for sale, you are not just looking for a pet. You are accepting a new family member into your home while also making one of the most important purchases of your life.

We take our jobs very seriously, so we can ensure you that we are a reliable Cane Corso and French bulldog breeder you can trust when deciding whether one of these dogs is suitable for your home.

We have limited litters of puppies yearly because we hold our breeding processes to a higher standard. We go through meticulous processes to ensure every breeding pair we put together is capable of producing pups with the most desirable attributes. We aim to provide that every puppy from us is a prime example of the breed.

Look around, browse through our pictures of our dogs and available puppies, and get to know us here at Donato Kennels. We are so glad you have found us, and we hope we can help you find your new loyal family member in one of our dogs.