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Cane Corso Puppies

Browse our Cane Corso puppies, from a 5 star-reputable breeder

Welcome to the heart of excellence in Cane Corso breeding – Donato Kennels. As a premier destination for top-tier Cane Corso puppies, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where passion, commitment, and devotion converge to create the perfect companion.

**A Legacy of Distinction**

Our journey began with a vision – a vision to redefine the standards of Cane Corso breeding. With every carefully planned pairing, we aim to produce puppies that encompass not only the breed’s exceptional traits but also the love and dedication that make them invaluable family members.

**Elevate Your Family**

At Donato Kennels, we understand that a Cane Corso puppy is more than just a pet – it’s an extension of your family, a loyal companion, and a lifelong friend. Our exceptional lineage of puppies is bred not just for their physical attributes, but for their temperament, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty.

**Devotion in Every Detail**

From the moment a litter is conceived, our dedication shines through in every detail. We meticulously select breeding pairs based on their health, genetics, and compatibility to ensure that every puppy inherits the best possible attributes. Our commitment doesn’t stop there; we prioritize socialization, care, and well-being to nurture confident and balanced puppies.

**Your Journey Begins**

Whether you’re a seasoned Cane Corso enthusiast or embarking on your very first dog ownership journey, Donato Kennels is your gateway to exceptional companionship. Our puppies are not only a testament to our dedication but also an embodiment of the breed’s legacy.

**Explore, Connect, Discover**

Step into the world of Donato Kennels and explore our available Cane Corso puppies. Connect with us to learn more about our breeding philosophy, our commitment to you, and the process of bringing a Donato puppy into your home.

Unveil the Donato Kennels experience today – where excellence, family, and the Cane Corso legacy unite.”


Please fill out a contact form to inquire about the puppies we have available, as well as upcoming litters.

The best way to get in touch with us is through our puppy application. You can let us know you are interested and we can help match you with an upcoming puppy from a litter or talk specifically about any of the puppies you see available on this page. Our straight forward puppy application can be found here

Nikita x Quaron Puppy

  • 1 black brindle female available 
  • $4,000 per puppy

Nioami x Quaron Puppies

  • 2 black brindle females
  • 1 black brindle male available
  • $4,000 per puppy

Nioami x Quaron Puppy

  • Female
  • $3,000

Quaron x Roxy Puppy

  • AKC GCH Quaron x Roxy
  • Born Oct. 2nd, 2022
  • 7 Males (Grey, grey brindle, black)
  • 2 females (Grey, black brindle)
  • 1st pick male $4,000, other males $3,500
  • 1st pick female $4,000, 2nd pick $3,500
  • Extra $400 for ear crop

Upcoming Litters

Notte x Quaron