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akc registered cane corso

Denver and Alyx Jarrell

Four HUGE paws changed our lives. We are so thankful for Donato Kennels for giving us our favorite boy, Mack. We cannot say enough about the temperament and quality of our big guy! He has been the best boy we could ever ask for, and has excelled in all of his training, testing, and dog shows we’ve done so far. Quality starts with the source, and Donato Kennels has the best! It’s not easy buying a pup from across the country but Donato Kennels made it so easy and comfortable. He went above and beyond to FaceTime us, educate us, keep us informed and still even checks on Mack often, even a year later! When looking for our match, we wanted someone caring, honest, and trustworthy. I can confidently say Donato Kennels checked all of our boxes and will continue to get our business for life. One year down with our Mack, and he’s exceeded every expectation and then some. We are proud “pawrents”, and hope to add to our family in the future with the one and only, Donato Kennels.

Alpha Sierra Corsos

Since the first time I saw cane corsos I knew I had to have one. After doing some homework I decided a Quaron daughter was what I was going get, never did I think that one directly from Donato Kennels would be within my reach. I sent Brad a message to get info on a Quaron x Karma pup and received a response almost immediately and shortly after a call, he was in Hawaii on vacation. Regardless of him being on vacation we were still working out the details for about a week. Upon his return I picked up my pup from his home and everything went as I expected.

Ever since picking up my pup Brad has always been available to answer any questions or give me advice even when it came to adding another pup from a different kennel to my family. Brad has a wide network of friends whom are knowledgeable and have helped me out when I was in need of some help and Brad was out of town. My Quaron daughter is everything I was hoping for in a Cane Corso and not one day has gone by where I miss the money I spent. I will continue to do business with Brad because he is a man of his word and the pups he produces are amazing! Never forget, you get what you pay for.

John La Come

There is a real story about Bambino, since the very first day we picked him up from you and brought him home. That first day and ever since he sat on his own next to his momma my wife while she her dialysis he has been her strength when she was sad he cried with her on several occasions and would kiss her to make her feel better, There is no better companion than him me and my kids couldn’t always be home for her and guess what she didn’t care once she got her baby.

Gloria Castro

Just thought I’d share Zara siblings… I can’t say enough what a great temperament she has, her behavior has been excellent since day one, she is super smart with a touch of stubbornness (lol) but has fit into the family as if she was here since birth!

I did my research for so many years and looked into so many breeders but I always found myself right back to your page. Can’t thank you enough..

Terrance Jackson

I have much heartfelt appreciation and gratitude towards Brad, who has truly gone above and beyond in providing trustworthy, committed, and caring services throughout the entire buying process and beyond for my big Boy, Tony Stark. Brad’s dedication and passion for his Dog kennel have left a lasting impression on me.

From the first interaction, it was evident that Brad’s main priority was the well-being and happiness of his dogs (which included his puppies). He took the time to thoroughly educate me about the breed, providing valuable insights into their temperament, health concerns, and specific care requirements. His knowledge and expertise were truly remarkable, and they instilled in me a sense of confidence and trust in their practices.

Throughout the buying process, Brad exhibited unwavering professionalism and transparency. He willingly shared detailed information about the puppy’s lineage, health records, and socialization efforts. He also ensured that the puppies were raised in a clean, safe, and loving environment, which was evident from the constant videos sent via phone as well as those posted on Instagram. Brad welcomed me to FaceTime him to see the puppies, allowing me to witness firsthand the exceptional care and attention they received.

Even after the purchase, Brad remained committed to providing support and guidance. He readily answered my questions or concerns and provided valuable advice on training, nutrition, and overall well-being. It was evident that he genuinely cared about the lifelong happiness and welfare of his puppies, and he was always just a phone call away whenever I needed assistance.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brad, CEO/Owner of Donato Kennels, to anyone seeking a trustworthy, committed, and caring professional in this field. His integrity, dedication, and exceptional service have made the entire experience joyful and memorable. Thanks to his efforts, I am now the proud owner of a healthy, well-adjusted, and loving Cane Corso.