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Adult Dogs

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At Donato Kennels, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of adult Cane Corso and French Bulldog companions for those seeking the perfect four-legged addition to their family. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just puppies, as we frequently update this page with a curated collection of exceptional adult dogs.

Among our remarkable offerings, you’ll find both Cane Corso and French Bulldog adults, each possessing their own unique charm and character. While some of these adult dogs will be available exclusively for rehoming, without breeding rights, they all share the distinction of having been cherished members of our kennel.

For those looking to bypass the demanding puppy stage, our adult Cane Corsos and French Bulldogs present an ideal solution. These well-cared-for adults are ready to integrate seamlessly into your household, offering their loyalty and companionship from day one. With their well-established personalities and manners, our adult dogs are a perfect fit for families, individuals, or anyone in search of a mature and loving canine friend.

Choosing an adult Cane Corso or French Bulldog from Donato Kennels not only brings joy to your home but also supports responsible pet adoption. Our adults are testament to the enduring bond that can be formed when dogs and humans connect. If you’re considering the possibility of adding a playful and devoted puppy to your family, don’t forget to explore our Cane Corso puppies and French Bulldog puppies pages, where the next generation of our exceptional dogs awaits.

Make the choice to welcome an adult companion into your life—visit Donato Kennels and discover the perfect adult Cane Corso or French Bulldog that will enrich your days with love and companionship.

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(Retired, pet home only)
-Up for Adoption
-No rehoming fee
-4 years old
-Good with dogs
-Loves people

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