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Welcome to Donato Kennels, where a passion for Cane Corso meets a deep commitment to ethical breeding practices. In this blog post, we want to share our unwavering dedication to the Cane Corso breed and the principles that guide us in every step of our breeding journey. At Donato Kennels, we firmly believe that responsible breeding is not just a choice but an obligation to preserve the integrity and health of this magnificent breed.

Understanding the Cane Corso

Before delving into our breeding ethics, it’s crucial to understand the Cane Corso breed itself. Cane Corsos are a noble and ancient breed, known for their strength, intelligence, and loyalty. They have a unique history, originally bred as working dogs for tasks like guarding, hunting, and protecting their families.

Our Commitment to Responsible Breeding

Health Screening and Genetic Testing: The foundation of ethical breeding begins with the health of the breeding pair. At Donato Kennels, we conduct comprehensive health screenings and genetic tests to ensure that our breeding dogs are free from hereditary diseases. This commitment reduces the risk of passing on genetic disorders to the puppies.

Temperament and Behavior: Beyond physical health, we prioritize the temperament and behavior of our dogs. We select breeding pairs based on their stable and desirable temperaments, which are essential for Cane Corsos to be well-rounded family pets.

Pedigree Research: Each breeding decision is made after extensive research into the pedigree of our dogs. We consider lineage, conformation to breed standards, and historical health records to make informed choices that strengthen the breed’s genetic diversity.

Proper Socialization: Our puppies are raised in a loving and nurturing environment. Early socialization is a critical aspect of our breeding program, ensuring that our puppies grow up to be well-adjusted and confident dogs.

Lifetime Commitment: Our responsibilities don’t end when a puppy leaves our kennel. We maintain a lifelong relationship with our puppy buyers, offering support, guidance, and advice to ensure each dog lives a happy and healthy life.

Breeding for Improvement, Not Quantity

Donato Kennels firmly believes in quality over quantity. We limit the number of litters we produce, focusing on improving the breed rather than overbreeding for profit. Our goal is to produce Cane Corsos that exemplify the breed’s standards and characteristics while prioritizing their well-being.

Responsible Placement

We carefully select homes for our puppies, ensuring they are placed with loving and responsible owners who understand the breed’s needs and are committed to providing a loving and stable environment.

Supporting the Cane Corso Community

Our commitment to the Cane Corso breed extends beyond our kennel. We actively participate in breed clubs, events, and rescue efforts to contribute to the welfare of Cane Corsos everywhere. Our aim is to help create a thriving and responsible Cane Corso community.


At Donato Kennels, our breeding ethics are not just a set of rules; they are a heartfelt commitment to the Cane Corso breed. We are dedicated to preserving the breed’s health, temperament, and heritage while ensuring that every Cane Corso from our kennel finds a loving home. When you choose a Cane Corso from Donato Kennels, you’re not just getting a dog; you’re becoming a part of our commitment to this exceptional breed. Thank you for considering us in your journey with Cane Corsos.

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